Technology & Comfort

What sets our office apart is an unparalleled level of expertise and artistry. The result is a total experience you won't forget. Our office has been designed with the comforts and care we know our patients deserve and want. We offer only the finest in amenities and the latest in high-technology tools. It’s about exceeding expectations. Our team is happy to assist you in any way possible so that you thoroughly enjoy your dental experience with us.

Intra Oral Camera

Imagine - with the touch of a tiny, pen-shaped instrument, seeing an enlargement of every detail in your mouth.  Science fiction?  Think again!  Intra oral cameras are tiny digital cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth and enable your dentist to show you an enlarged image of your smile on a computer screen.  Your personal images can be saved right on your dentist's computer to provide a permanent record of care. This is dentistry at its practical and progressive best.


Our office is proud to use Diagnodent, a laser detection system that has the ability to detect hidden decay under seemingly intact tooth structure.  The Diagnodent scans the area with a laser light that is harmless.  The laser detects the hidden decay and grades it using a numeric scale, allowing our team to diagnose the proper treatment necessary to prevent further decay.  The Diagnodent is small, portable unit, safe for the patient and unparallel in accuracy.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Therapy uses a patented technology combining laser energy and a spray of water, a process called HydroPhontonics(TM), to perform a wide range of dental procedures on teeth, gum and bone more comfortably.  Typically, Laser Dentists use fewer shots and less anesthesia, reducing patient anxiety and providing a more relaxing dental experience.  Lasers are versatile tools that allow dentists to cut teeth, bone and gum tissue with less trauma and do procedures that can't be done with traditional tools such as the drill and scalpel.  Dr. Cummings will determine what type of treatment is appropriate for your needs.

Proven Care

Lasers have long been the standard of care in medicine for many surgical and cosmetic procedures.  Lasers have been approved for numerous additional procedures.  Thousands of dentist around the world have performed millions of procedures with less need for shots, anesthesia, drills and post-op numb lips.

TV and Music

Each of our treatment rooms includes televisions with headphones.  Patients can watch their favorite shows or enjoy a variety of music channels available.