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The Long-Term Solution to Missing Teeth

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closeup of a person’s mouth with dental implants in Green HillsAre you missing one or more of your teeth, making it difficult to do basic daily tasks such as eating and speaking? If you are, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the world are suffering from the effects of tooth loss. Not having the full function of your smile doesn’t just wear down your self-confidence, but it also impacts the overall quality of your daily life by limiting your abilities. Fortunately, with dental implants in Green Hills, you can rebuild your smile from the roots upward. That way, you can regain the complete function and aesthetic of your mouth. To learn more, be sure to schedule a consultation by contacting our office.

Benefits of Dental Implants

dentist in Green Hills speaking to a patient about their dental X-raysThere are several benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you get dental implants. This procedure comes so highly recommended by patients and professionals alike because it offers unique advantages, like the ones listed below:

  • Look and function like natural teeth
  • A lifespan of over 35 years with proper care
  • Prevention of jawbone deterioration
  • Keep surrounding teeth from drifting out of place
  • Preserve your facial structure
  • Helps reduce your risk of gum disease

Indications for Dental Implants

person enjoying a cappuccino in a cafeDepending on your unique needs, your dentist in Green Hills will develop a customized treatment plan to restore the entirety of your smile. Here are some indications that this advanced restorative procedure can be right for you.

Missing Single Tooth

For single missing teeth, we can place one implant below the gums that will anchor a customized dental crown in place. Not only will we not need to alter your surrounding healthy teeth like we would have to with a traditional bridge, but the implant will also provide your artificial tooth with added support.

Missing Multiple Teeth

For patients missing multiple teeth, we’ll likely suggest an implant-retained bridge. Using two implants placed on either side of the gap in your smile, we’ll anchor two or more consecutive replacement teeth in your mouth.

Missing All Teeth

For patients missing an entire arch or all of their teeth, we may suggest an implant-retained denture. We will place anywhere from four to eight implants on each arch of missing teeth to secure a completely customized denture in place.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

person smiling and talking on the phone in the back of their carEach dental implant procedure that we perform is completely customized to meet our unique patient’s needs. That’s why there’s no singular set price for the treatment. Based on our findings during your initial consultation, we’ll speak with you about what solution would best fit your needs. The cost of your treatment will depend on factors such as how many implants you need placed, what type of restoration you require, and whether you need a preparatory procedure such as a bone graft. Based on these details, we’ll walk you through the cost and each of your financing options. At Advanced Dental Health Center, we are a participating provider with several dental insurance plans and even offer two additional financing options through CareCredit and Lending Point.


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