Hygiene & Family Dentistry

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The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends visiting your dentist every six months. During these appointments one of our experienced hygienists will complete a thorough examination to identify problems, like periodontal disease or oral cancer, and provide professional cleanings. Your visit to the hygienist is much more than just a cleaning, it is an opportunity to evaluate your overall health.

Many systemic problems can be first seen in the mouth before symptoms show up in other areas of your body. Commit to your overall health and visit your hygienist! Every healthy body needs a healthy mouth.

Our Mouth & Body Connection

Scientific research confirms that oral health is inseparable from the whole health. Periodontal Disease has been linked to heart attacks, diabetes, pregnancy issues and more.

Dental examinations generally include the following:

  • Gum disease screening
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Visual tooth decay evaluation
  • Gum pocket measurement and tracking
  • X-ray examination to detect: tooth decay, cysts, tumors, problems below the gums and other hidden issues.

Digital X-rays

We use digital x-rays, which provide high-quality diagnostic data with about 90% less radiation than film based radiographs. With less exposure to radiation and shorter appointment times, digital x-rays provide us with high-quality images of your mouth and jaw in order to give you the proper, advanced dental care you need, with less exposure to radiation and shorter appointment times.

Professional Cleaning

Because even good brushing and flossing habits can miss hard-to-reach areas, we recommend professional cleaning at least twice a year.

Home care

Along with treatment, we provide patient education. We will advise you about home hygiene, nutritional support, and other topics.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Advanced periodontal disease can harm teeth, gums, jawbone, and your overall health. Fortunately, this condition can be treated with minimally invasive techniques when detected early. Learn more about Periodontal Therapy.


This is an important treatment for children. It coats molars in a tooth-colored protective layer, which prevents bacteria from entering tiny pits and fissures.


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